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Jim Egan at the Design Science Symposium

What is the tuned in or tuned out minimum structural experience of Universe? Jim Egan speaks at the Fourth Biennial Design Science Sypmosium co-sponsored by the Synergetics Collaborative and RISD, the Rhode Island School of Design.  In this engaging talk at the Edna Lawrence Nature Lab at RISD Jim explains the connections between Buckminster Fuller, Robert Marshall, and sixteenth century Elizabethan philosopher John Dee.

Egan presents evidence that the twenty eight foot tall tower in the heart of Newport Rhode Island, known as the Newport Tower, was designed by Dee as a camera obscura calendar room and an aedificium of philosophical thought.  For more information about John Dee, the Newport Tower, and the camera obscura calendar room please visit

The theme of the symposium: STEM to STEAM thru Synergy: Bridging Morphology, Biomimicry, Sustainability, and Synergetics.

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