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Tips for Viewing the Winter Solstice at The Tower

It is that time of year again.  Optimal viewing of the “light-through-two-windows” event at The Tower occurs on the Winter Solstice, which is December 21 this year. But as solstice means “sun stand-still” the lighting spectacle can be witnessed for a dozen or so days before and after December 21. Sunrise is around 7:10 and the light shines through the two windows around 7:30. The viewing spot is on the walkway in the extreme Northwest corner of Touro Park.

The “egg-shaped rock “ inside the Tower (in the west-northwest arch) gets illuminated by a patch of light coming through the south window around 9:00AM.

And remember, never look directly at the sun, even through the viewfinder of a camera. It is OK to watch it on an LCD screen of a digital camera, but not the viewfinder. Sun viewing glasses are available at the Newport Tower Museum ar 152 Mill Street, 50 steps northeast of the Tower.

For information on the Winter Solstice, see:

The Newport Tower Museum in the Boston Globe

Boston Globe writer Christopher Klein’s assignment was “Vikings in New England.”


The topic eventually led him to Newport and the Tower, which is just around the corner from the “Hotel Viking” and “Viking Cleaners.” But there he meets Jim Egan of the Newport Tower Museum who, in a “whirlwind,” spins Klein’s head from Viking to Elizabethan. We have included the link to the article here and also have uploaded the article as a 3 page pdf for ease of viewing. Globe 1 Globe 2 Globe 3

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