Jim Egan’s Response to ‘America Unearthed’

If you were lucky enough to see the world premiere of “America’s Oldest Secret,” you might be wondering “What the heck was that all about?”

01  Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 11.33.17 PM copy.png

Venus alignments that don’t actually occur? A laser X?  Earthquakes moving the alignments in the Tower?  The Statue of Liberty?  Huh?

So what if most of Jim Egan’s wry comments ended up on the cutting room floor. It doesn’t matter. My mother thought I looked great in my clean blue sweater. And I can chalk another entry off my bucket list. And they did say the words “Tower authority Jim Egan” and spelled out “J – O – H – N —- D – E – E,” and included my quip about the “Knights in the 1200’s enjoying laser light shows.” I put up my best single-handed defense possible against a Templari assault from all sides.( What you don’t see in each shot is the video crew of 8: Three cameramen taping from three different angles, the sound technician holding a boom microphone over our heads, the director, and three production assistants running around setting up lights.)

If the host was the anti-hero, and Jim was the unsung hero, the real hero was… The Tower. It looked great. The mini-helicopter shots over the treetops showing the Tower nestled in the park were mystical. The wide-angle shots that turned the Tower into an eight-legged spider were mysterious. The time lapse of the night sky was stellar. The patch of light creeping along the egg-shaped rock was primal. And the magnetic Cumberlandite in the south pillar made you wonder.

That’s magical stuff. And a million people got to see it.

If nothing else, the America Unearthed episode sparked imaginations. It got people thinking about history. And the better we understand history, the better we will be able to envision our future.

Curious folks from all over America are still scratching their heads asking, “OK, just what is the solution to America’s Oldest Secret?” And when they come to visit the Tower, the History Channel won’t be here. Jim Egan and his museum will.


– Jim Egan, March 11, 2013, Newport RI


4 thoughts on “Jim Egan’s Response to ‘America Unearthed’

  1. True, the tower deserved the attention… but I was put off by a unflinching “Templars are the only ones who would… ” theory in frantic search of evidence. I hope your well documented “other side of the story” gets equal press for curious historians to ponder.

  2. Dan Sharp says:

    Hi, Jim — Just a comment on last week’s program, specifically about the Venus alignment. I may be mistaken, but, in watching the episode, I got the impression that Scott was making a case for Venus aligning itself on the 2012 winter solstice as it would have hundreds of years ago, thereby proving a Knights Templar connection. To my knowledge, Venus’ revoultionary orbit and Earth’s are two wholly independent systems (minus an insignificant gravitational attraction) and I can’t feature a reason to expect Venus to be at the same point in our sky on the winter solstice (or any date for that matter). Like I said, I may have misinterpreted Scott’s premise or maybe my knowledge of astronomy is in error.

  3. Sue Scallan says:

    Fabulous! I’ve been to your museum and will be back there in a few days. Sue/Florida

  4. Peter says:

    I just saw the show (we are a bit slow here in Australia!). And I have to say, the tower looked great. As for the “Venus alignments”, it seems that astronomy isn’t one of Mr Wolter’s strong points. Venus does not have any yearly winter or summer solstace alignments. It is in a different position each year. Each year Venus goes around the sun about 1.6 times. I don’t think there is a simple equation for alignments at either solstace, but I think there may be a pattern around 252.5 years, but after 1,000 years, even that alignment has drifted by a degree.

    So the builders would have had to wait several hundred years to see the alignment work a second time!

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